Very Rev. Fr. Devasia Mattathilani

Fr. Devasia Mattathilani, the second son of 10 children in the family of Mrs. M.D. Chandy and Rosa, was born on 25th November 1949 in Yavanarkulam, in Mananthavady Diocese of Kerala. He had his schooling in Government High School, Mananthavady. During the year 1964-65, he began his formation under the guidance of Msgr J. Vellaringat in Mission Home, Palai. He did his college studies in St. Aloysius, Mangalore. He completed his philosophical studies at Mangalore form 1966-1969.

He did his regency at Rampur (then Patna Diocese) under Rev. Fr. Robert Ludwig, S.J. From 1970 to 1975, he stayed at Bishop’s house Patna and pursued his further college studies at Patna University. During this period, he became well known personality in the city to the people of all walks of life. He got his post graduation deagree in English Literature and in Music. He also acquired a bachelor degree in Law and enlisted himself in Patna High Court. He did theological studies in Pune.

He was ordained on 18th March 1979 by Late Most Rev. Augustine Wildermuth, S.J. His first mission was as a substitute in Chenari for a month in 1979. Then he was made co-pastor with Fr Devasia T Chirayil at Barbigha. He was made the Principal of Raj Rajeswar Middle school at Barbigha. He was a visiting professor in English at Raj Rajeswar College, Barbigha for a few months until the college had a regular professor.

He was made parish priest of Shekepura for six years from 1980 to 1986. He was the parish priests of Dumraon, Gaya, Fatwa, Kankerbagh. At Kankerbagh, he established the parish and the school. He was at St. Mary’s Chakaram for a short period. He was appointed as the Vicar General of Patna Archdiocese at the sudden demise of Fr Mathew Uzhuthal. He served both Archbishops as Vicar General. He was very good with media and public relation with all communities. He was on air and Dordarshan for the debate. He served the Archdiocese as the Public Relation Officer (PRO). He was made the PRO of Bihar Regional Bishops’ Council. He set the office at Sewa Kendra and stayed at Prerana during his tenure as P.R.O.

At the beginning of 2016 he had a bit of suffocation and cough. But he went on doing his duty as a committed and loyal Priest. Meanwhile he had pain on his ear area for which he consulted his usual E.N.T. He had an ear operation. As he got well, the E.N.T. suggested having a checkup for Cancer. In January 2016 he started chemotherapy in Mahavir Cancer Hospital at Phulwarisharif.. On the 3rd of July 2016 he had a pet scan. Even after six months’ treatment in Mahavir Cancer Hospital, the health condition did not improve. After consulting a famous senior Oncologist, Dr. C.P. Mathew a retired Principal of Kottayam Medical College, Mr. Jose Chandy younger brother of Fr. Devasai approached the Archbishop requesting to move Fr. Devasia to Kerala for further treatment. On 26th July, with the permission of the Archbishop, Fr. Devasai was flown to Kerala and started the treatment. He improved quite a good bit but his blood count was not stable. He was sent to Caritas hospital, Kottayam for Radiation.Of late his own brothers had given their blood and the blood count came to 10.5 He was in contact with the doctors of Shifa Hospital, at his own home town Calicut. On 20th October the doctors admitted him to the hospital. The senior doctor suspected of heart ailments. He was in the I.C.U.  In the afternoon he was at the Critical ward but he breathed his last at 10.05 p.m. on 20th October 2016. The immediate cause of his death, according to the Doctor’s information was Acute Pulmonary Edema” (the heart not removing fluid from lung circulation properly).

Archbishop William D’souza, S.J., cancelled all his appointments and rushed to Mananthavady for the last rite of Fr. Devasia Mattathilani. Archbishop thanked the family for giving their precious gift of Fr. Devasia to the Archdiocese. He added that Fr. Devasia was friend of all people of all faith, he could relate to the rich and the poor, to the politicians to the ordinary people. He sang for the Lord, composed music. The Archbishop did break down into tears as he spoke to the family about Fr. Devasia.

Most Rev. Sebastian Kallupura, the Bishop of Buxar, Frs. Francis Mattathilani, Augustine K, and James Shekhar attended the last journey of our beloved priest at St. Mary’s Church at Yavanarkulam, Mananthavady. Many religious from Patna working in South participated the funeral service. Most Rev. Sebastian was the main celebrant of the funeral Mass in syro-malabar rite. Archbishop William D’souza, S.J., joined service. Mar George Valiamattam, the Archbishop Emeritus of Tellicherry Archdiocese conducted the final rite.

The Archdiocese is organizing a memorial mass for late Rev. Fr. Devasia Mattathilani on 3rd November at 3.00 PM at St. Joseph’s Pro-cathedral, Bankipur. Please join us to pray for Fr. Devasia Mattathilani. The Archbishop, priests, religious, and laity express sincere gratitude to the Mattathilani family for the tender care rendered to Fr. Devasia during his illness. We join you in your grief and pray to the Lord for strength and support.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.

And let the perpetual light shine upon him. Amen



 Archdiocese responds to the Flood 2016 

The Archbishop made a request to the people of good will to help the needy after the flood and many have come forward to contribute to ease the pain and suffering of the flood victims. Many came forward to help with generous heart starting with school children, teachers, lay people, religious congregations. The Archdiocesan Social Sector has been doing its best under the leadership Fr. Amal Raj and his team. They have used all the means of transportation to distribute the necessary material. BIG THANK TO ALL GENEROUS HEARTS!

Gaya Deanery pays tribute the St. Mother Teresa  On Sunday, Gaya Deanery organized a day of inter faith celebration on the occasion of the Canonization of St. Mother Teresa, with the theme Do ordinary things  with extraordinary love

Members of different faith participated. The Archbishop William D'souza S.J. offered the Holy Eucharist in the morning and thanked the Lord for a saint like Mother. Congratulation to the Parish Team, and Creane Memorial School.  

 Tribute to  Mother Teresa

St. Mary's School, at Masaurhi pays tribute Blessed Mother Teresa, who will be declared saint on Sunday. Various programmes were arranged, and the children took active part.

 St. Mary's School, Masurahi 
Becomes good Samaritan and sends 800 kg of beaten rice, 100 kg biscuits, 39 kg puffed rice, and 35 kg of sugar candy fort the flood victims. It has been sent to Sewa Kendra and the Social sector will distribute to the need.

Thank to Rev. Fr.Sebastian, A. the Principal, the Staff members, students, and parents.

We care, because you care, O Creation
Walking the spirit and footsteps of  the Holy Father Francis who called to care for the Mother Earth, saying As stewards of God’s creation, we are called to make the earth a beautiful garden for the human family. When we destroy our forests, ravage our soil and pollute our seas, we betray that noble calling.”, St. Joseph's School Basauni celebrated the day of environment on 31st of August. Mr. Dharmandran Kumar Prabjakar BDO of Lakisarai Dis was chief guest, who encouraged the children and the gathering to care for the earth.

Congratulation to the Principal, teachers, students and the people of Basauni for caring for the earth. We all care. Keep going!
Flood in Patna 
The flood happened due to release of water from Indrapuri Barrage and other rivers merging into Ganga River. Besides, a huge volume of water has been released from Bansagar dam and it is expected that water level, which has reduced, may once again rise. 


As per the news, at least 120 persons have been killed while 23.71 lakh people affected in the Bihar floods with many areas, specially the riverine belt of 12 districts badly reeling under water in the state. As per the Disaster Management Department statement, the floods caused by a spate in rivers Ganga, Sone, Punpun, Burhi Gandak, Ghaghara and Kosi have affected 23.71 lakh people in 1115 villages under 362 Panchayats in 12 districts of the state.
Bariarpur Church
As the reports coming in, Patna and Munger are the worst affected districts. Patna District Magistrate Sanjay Kumar Agarwal has stated that a total of 1.55 lakh people have been evacuated so far in Patna district, and 179 relief camps were being run in the flood-hit areas, giving shelter to 1,07,000 people even as 160 medical teams were providing services. However, as the reports published in today’s newspaper, the flood situation is grim and lakhs of population are still not getting any help from Govt. Relief camp at Maner church campus

Relief Camp at Maner Church Campus
Archbishop William Dsouza, S.J. visited all the places and has expressed his concern and solidarity. He has Fr. Amal Raj, the Director of Sewa Kendra to do the needful. He has appealed all the people to donate generously. We are grateful, many have come forward to help.

Holy Door Opened

Archbishop William D’souza S.J, opened the Holy Door at St. Joseph’s Pro-cathedral on 13th December 2015, along with the universal church, as Holy Father Pope Francis will open the Holy Door at the Cathedral of Rome, St. John’s Lateran. 

On Sunday, the fog and biting cold could not diminish the cheers and gladness of the faithful as they gathered at St. Joseph’s ground for the spiritual celebration.

The Archbishop in his introduction explained the procedure and the significance of the liturgy. Quoting from Misericordiae Vultus Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, by the Holy Father, he said that the Holy Door signified our entry in to the church with the renewal and trust. Fr. Peter Ladis proclaimed the Gospel, and Bro. Dharam Kishore read the extract from Hindi Version of the Misericordiae Vultus.

The Procession was led by the Archbishop, and the priests followed and the faithful. 
The choir sang meaningful hymns to lead the procession. At the arrival of the entrance of the Pro-cathedral, the Archbishop invoked the grace of God and to shower His Mercy to all who enter the Door. He carried the Bible, as he first entered the Church followed by others. In his homily, he exhorted the faithful to read the Bull of Indiction and practice the teaching of the Holy Father through the works of mercy. He explained the meaning of the Holy Door, in which the History of Salvation and Sacraments are depicted.
Archbishop carries the Holy Bible and the faithful follow him
He added the Logo represents an image quite important to the early Church: that of the Son having taken upon his shoulders the lost soul demonstrating that it is the love of Christ that brings to completion the mystery of his incarnation culminating in redemption. The logo has been designed in such a way so as to express the profound way in which the Good Shepherd touches the flesh of humanity and does so with a love with the power to change one’s life. One particular feature worthy of note is that while the Good Shepherd, in his great mercy, takes humanity upon himself, his eyes are merged with those of man. Christ sees with the eyes of Adam, and Adam with the eyes of Christ. Every person discovers in Christ, the new Adam, one’s own humanity and the future that lies ahead, contemplating, in his gaze, the love of the Father.

The motto, Merciful Like the Father, he said, “serves as an invitation to follow the merciful example of the Father who asks us not to judge or condemn but to forgive and to give love and forgiveness without measure”. 

He spoke about two concrete invitations from the Holy Father for the Year of Mercy, namely to Promote our Common Home, the earth, and be support to the people who suffer. He suggested to the faithful the celebration of Christmas 2015, can be in a lower scale and we contribute our sharing to the victims of flood in Chennai. Money spent in cakes, sweets, new clothes etc kept aside and contribute to the flood victims. Let us avoid using the plastic and harmful material during the preparation of Christmas Celebration, and let’s use the public transportation as far as possible. Let us focus on the guidelines of the Holy Father and do corporal works of mercy, and spiritual works of mercy.
New adoration chapel

A special adoration chapel has been created, so that the people would come and pray all through the day


Jubilee Year of Mercy 
During the Holy Eucharistic Celebration, on the Feast of Immaculate Conception, the Archbishop hoisted the flag and inaugurated the Jubilee year of Mercy. The Archbishop emphasized the importance of the Jubilee Year and the reasons for it. He  said that Pope Francis formally announced on 11 April, 2015, the Vigil of the Sunday of Divine Mercy, “Holy Year of Mercy” to begin on 8th December 2015. This Holy Year is to commemorate both the feast of the Immaculate Conception and the 50th anniversary of the closing of the Second Vatican Council, which called the Church to proclaim the Gospel to the world in new ways, bringing God’s mercy to everyone. The Holy Year will conclude on November 20, 2016, on the feast of Christ the King.  

 The Archbishop mentioned three importance aspects for the celebration of the Jubilee Year of Mercy namely 1. Mercy, 2. Compassion and 3.Love. He announced that St. Joseph's Pro-cathedral will have an adoration chapel and he encouraged the faithful to take time and to be with the Lord. During the year, he added to do the seven corporal works of mercy and seven spiritual works of mercy. Fr. Prem Prakash, the Vicar General and Frs. Jerome Dung dung and James Shekhar concelebrated the Holy Mass. Despite the cold and fog the faithful took active part in the celebration.

Jubilee Year of Mercy
Be merciful as your heavenly Father is Merciful

Golden Jubilee of Archbishop William

The Patna Archdiocese celebrated the Golden Jubilee of Archbishop William D’souza, S.J., with Joy and Gladness.  The archdiocesan priests decided to celebrate the Jubilee on 26th November at 6.00 PM at St. Joseph’s Pro-cathedral.  Under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Prem Prakash, the Vicar General a committee did the preparation for the celebration. 

The religious workings in the Archdiocese were invited. The Bishops of Bihar Region Most Rev. Kurien, Most Rev. Sebastian, Most Rev. Cajetan, Most Rev. Angelus and Very Rev. Lawrence Paschal added the extra flavor to the celebration.  The regional secretaries of different commission in Biahr Region were present for the Jubilee.

The guests and the Jubiliarion were welcomed by the Band from St. Joseph’s Barh. The procession for the Jubilee Mass was led by the nurses of Tripolia Hospital. 

Fr. Kuldeep led the choir. Fr. Jerome was in-charge of the Liturgy. Very Rev. Fr. Prem Prakash welcomed and introduced the liturgy. Very Rev. Fr. Jose Vadaserry the Provincial of Patna Province read the letter of the General. 

Fr. James George preached the homily and appreciated the Archbishop for his heart for the people. Fr. Devasia Mattathilani read the Papal Blessing. The band led everyone to St. Joseph's Hindi Medium for the dinner. The Brothers of St. Mary’s Seminary Chakaram sang congratulation,and
  the Archbishop cut the jubilee cake. Fr. S. Peter released his book. Frs. Michael and Rakesh shared their experience. Bro. Rajan, Secretary General of Brothers of Sacred heart of Jesus, Palayamkottai read the encomium. Mr. Biju had prepared a delicious dinner for all.  We thank all for your kind cooperation for the celebration. Once again Congratulation dear Archbishop! Thank you for leading us from front as shepherd

25-26 November 2015

  CCI Convention at Patna

Bihar Regional Catholic Council (BRCC)
On 24th November, 48 representatives, two lay people from every deanery of all six diocese in Bihar along with the Regional Commission Secretaries, the Bishops of Bihar came together under the banner of Catholic Council of India.The convention began at 8:30 a.m. at Navjyoti Niketan with reading of a passage from the Bible, a short prayer and a Bhajan. Archbishop William D’Souza SJ, Bishop Sebastian (Buxar) Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara (Nagpur) Fr. Aloysius Ephrem Raju, the Secretary of CCI and the Secretaries of the different commissions of BRBC were present for the convention.

Archbishop William welcomed everyone present and said that CCI is the association of the Lay people under the patronage of CBCI and that this was the first time that we are having a meeting of this sort.

The Archbishop informed the house about the need for Regional unit of CCI, and Fr. Aloysius Epherm Raju, the Secretary of CCI, and Mr. Lawrence  would inform the process to help us know what is CCI and its functions.

Fr. Raju and Mr. Lawrence enlightened the house on the role and functions of the CCI. After the reporting session Bishop Sebastian asked the participants that we need to have a unit of CCI in our region. Names were suggested accordingly Bihar Regional Catholic Council (BRCC) was constituted with the following members:

            President                                                            : Most Rev. William D’Souza SJ
Chairman                                                            : Most Rev. Sebastian Kallupura (Buxar)
Secretary                                                            : Mr. Paschal Peter Osta (Patna)  
Joint Secretary                                                    :Fr. James Shekhar (Patna)
Vice Presidents                                                    Ms. Usha Marandi (Bhagalpur)
                                                                                       : Mr. Sammi Abraham (Bettiah)
Treasurer                                                            : Dr. Victor Alphonse (Patna)
Bishop Sebastian suggested that we need to make our own statutes according to the nature and need of our region. Another meeting of all the participants would be called later in which the final shape of BRCC would be clear.

Fr. Peter Charles of Muzaafarpur expressed thanks to all the resource persons, Archbishop William and Archbishop Abraham, Bishop Sebastian, Bishop Cajetan Francis, Rev. Fr. Lawrence Pascal SJ, all the Secretaries and to all the participants. The meeting ended with a prayer followed by tea.

Meeting with the Major Superiors of Patna Archdiocese
23 November 2015 at Sewa Kendra, Patna
Archbishop William D’Souza SJ had a meeting with Major Superiors/ their representatives of the Religious Congregations serving the Archdiocese at 6:00 pm on 23 November 2015 at Sewa Kendra, Patna.

 On invitation Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara of Nagpur was also present for the meeting which began with a short prayer by Sr. Veena (Assumption). After welcoming Archbishop Abraham and the 27 participants, Archbishop William said that in the first part of the meeting Archbishop Abraham would share the developments with regard to the proposed medical college in Ranchi. Later Archbishop William would share some of the concerns of the Archdiocese as well.
Archbishop Abraham said that he had been to Patna on various occasions from the time of Bishop Augustine Wildermuth SJ and he was happy to be here once again for this meeting. As convener of the Committee for taking steps for establishing a Medical College in Ranchi he shared the details about the present situation of the Medical College. The Medical College is an initiative of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) and has been formally inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Jharkhand on 07 November 2015 in the presence of the CBCI President Cardinal Baselios Cleemis. Though the proposal to have a Medical College came in the year 2008, due to some legal complications the initiative was delayed. A new impetus to the proposal was made on 30 January 2014 and a new team was constituted to consider the possibilities. The team visited the different sites to study the feasibility. Various issues were sorted out. Finally when the Medical Mission Sisters agreed to give 17 acres of land including the 150 bed hospital in Mandar and Ranchi Archdiocese donated 8 acres of land adjacent to the hospital the basic requirement of having 25 acres of land for the College was fulfilled. And thus according to our plan to  start the process by November 2015 the medical college was inaugurated on 07 November 2015.  

The Medical College is named after the Servant of God, Fr. Constant Lievens SJ one of the pioneering Belgian missionaries who came to Chotanagpur. A master plan is already made. But the main road-blocks to this project have been: a) Finance – we need 70 Crores of Rupees to start construction of the infrastructure b) lack of feeling it as a common venture. We need to involve and see this as a common venture. Now that we have already initiated it we need to work together for its growth.
Archbishop Abraham concluded his sharing with the request for our support and cooperation. He said that it is a joint venture of the Church in India and so we need to own it up. There had been some misconceptions and faulty steps earlier. Those mistakes are being sorted out and are being corrected. In response to some of the queries of the participants Archbishop Abraham said that it is a new beginning and we have already got into it from which there is no turning back.  It is not a branch of St. John’s Medical College but a separate unit. St. John’s is willing to continue to help this unit with finance, doctors and other medical personnel. We could also work out a system to get continued service of the personnel whom we train in this new unit and a different mechanism other than that of St. John’s for admission to tribal and Dalit students in the Ranchi Medical College also has to be worked out. Students from the community in North will have to be given special coaching to get through the medical entrance exam and the interviews. We may have to lower the percentage of the cut off marks as well, he added.
Archbishop William thanked Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara for being with us and sharing about the Medical College for the North-Indian Church.

Archbishop William then shared information with the Major Superiors and requested their cooperation and support for the programs being planned for the coming year.
1. Jubilee year of Mercy: The Archbishop said that Jubilee Year of Mercy begins on 8 December 2015. The Archdiocese has made plans for meaningful celebration of the Year of Mercy. Holy Father Pope Francis’ Indult “Face of Mercy” has been translated into Hindi. Each community, parish, institution and family at various levels could read the Indult. Archbishop’s pastoral letter also is based on the ‘Year of Mercy’ with concrete suggestions to celebrate the Jubilee year and make it a grace-filled year. Prayer cards and laminated picture of ‘the Divine Mercy’ are ready. Each community could make use of the picture and the prayers cards all throughout the Jubilee Year. Opening of the Holy Door at Bankipur Cathedral will be on 13 December 2015 and at Patna City and Kurji Parish on 20 December. In Mokama Shrine the ‘Holy Door’ will be opened before February. The Archbishop suggested that the Superiors of each Religious Community could promote pilgrimages in small groups to the Shrine.

2. Mokama Shrine Development: Archbishop William shared about the development plan of the Shrine. Few rooms and Toilets are already made. Recollections, retreats etc could be made at the Shrine for which sufficient facilities are being provided. Fr. Irudayaraj is in Mokama for direction. Archbishop requested financial support from the Congregations for the development by sponsoring some of the items on the plan. He said that he is trying to convince Bihar Bishops as well to make it a regional center.
3. 150th Death Anniversary of Bishop Hartmann OFM:  The Archdiocese is planning to celebrate the anniversary in a worthy manner to honor the First Bishop of Patna. A Committee is constituted and the celebration is planned at different levels. The week-long celebration will begin on 17 April 2016 as a day of Prayer and Holy Eucharist at Patna City Church. A walking pilgrimage is being organized on that day. Different communities and parishes are to be encouraged to join the pilgrimage and participate in the Holy Eucharist. From 18 to 22 April various groups could go for pilgrimage to the City Church. On 23 April a memorial Holy Eucharist will be celebrated at Kurji Parish. A dance drama by the Hartmann school children and directed by Fr. Saju George is planned on that day and a bust of Bishop Hartmaan will be installed at the School. The concluding celebration will be on 24 April at Patna Cathedral Church and there to a bust of Bishop Hartmaan will be installed. A small museum in his honor is being thought of at Patna City. We shall be establishing a Hartmaan Scholarship for our children for which a contribution of Rs. 150/- is being collected from every family in the Archdiocese. The Archbishop also invited contribution from the Religious Communities for meeting other expenses of the celebration. Reminding that 2019 is the Centenary year of the Society of Jesus and of the Archdiocese the meeting concluded with a short prayer at 7:35 p.m. followed by dinner.


Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee:

Frs. Anup Pius, Rakesh Roshan and Joachim Thakur were felicitated on their sacerdotal silver jubilee by the Archdiocesan clergy on 27 August 2015. The celebration began at 5.00 p.m. with the Holy Eucharist at the Pro-Cathedral, in which the Archbishop and 47 of the Archdiocesan priests concelebrated with the Jubilarians. Fr. Anup Pius presided over the Jubilee Mass with Fr. Rakesh Roshan and Fr. Joachim on his either side at the Altar. Fr. Rakesh Roshan was the homilist, while Fr. Joachim on behalf of the Jubilarians thanked everyone for accompanying them and for organizing the celebrations. Late Fr. Remy Andrew, the other to have celebrated Jubilee with these three priests, was fondly remembered and prayed for. After felicitating the Jubilarians with singing, garlands and gifts soon after the Eucharist everyone present shared a fellow-ship meal at the Archbishop’s House.   


Archdiocesan Days 2015:
This year the Archdiocesan Days was held just for a day on 27 August at Navjyoti Niketan from 8:30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. in which 47 of the Archdiocesan priests deliberated on some 19 concerns like ‘Liturgy in the Archdiocese, Shrine development at Mokama, Revisiting policies’ etc. The day with a bhajan and a short prayer by Fr. Nandu Kumar after which Fr. Jose Edavazhy, the secretary of the Archdiocesan days, welcomed the participants. Fr. Devasia Chirayil was invited to moderate the sessions, while Frs. Dinesh Kumar and Sahaya Stalin were elected to be the recording secretaries of the proceedings. Though some of us felt that one day was not sufficient for our deliberations, the Archbishop assured the house that if need be we could continue with the deliberations till the items on the agenda were completed. The deliberations concluded with two sessions and everyone actively participated in the discussion. Fr. Jose Edavazhy thanked Fr. Devasia Chirayil for moderating the sessions and everyone including the recording secretaries for their contribution for making the Archdiocesan day an enriching experience.

Patna Archdiocesan Council Meeting:
25-27th August 2015
Patna Archdiocesan Pastoral Council meeting began 3.00 p.m. on 25 August 2015 at Navjyoti Niketan in which more than 200 people including priests, religious, catechists, representatives of the laity including two youths from all the parishes of the Archdiocese participated. The meeting began with the ‘lighting of the lamp’ by the Archbishop and other five representatives from the gathering. After a short prayer service led by Fr. Rakesh Roshan, the secretary of the Pastoral Council, Fr. Andrews Thambi welcomed everyone present.

Archbishop William D’Souza SJ in his introduction said that this meeting was significant in the context of the ‘Year of Consecrated Life’ and the ‘Jubilee year of Divine Mercy’ as announced by Holy Father Pope Francis. Through power point presentation of Holy Father’s official statement “The Face of Mercy” by Fr. Francis Rajendran and team and through deliberations in 11groups, the participants arrived at some concrete suggestions for the meaningful celebration of the Jubilee year of Mercy which begins on 8 December 2015. 

The second day was set apart for the celebration of “Consecrated Life”. Soon after a short prayer led by Fr. Augustine Hembrom, the sessions on 26 August began with a power-point presentation by Sr. Mary Dipasha AC on the Holy Father’s document named “Rejoice”. During the second session Fathers Michael Ignatius and Jose Kunnumpuram SJ and Sr. Roshni SSH shared their experience of consecrated life, a catechist and two lay persons shared their experience of the priests and Religious who brought in marked difference to their own life as well as of the society.

The third session was dedicated to acknowledge, appreciate and honour the Religious Sisters, Priests and Brothers, who have been instrumental in sowing the seed of faith, nurturing it with care and thus continue building up the vibrant community of faithful in the Archdiocese. The Archdiocese paid homage and floral tributes to the four Missionaries – Fr. Alphonse Goveas SJ (1966), Fr. F. Martinsek SJ (1979) Fr. Mathew Mannaparambil SJ (1980) and Fr. Mathew Uzhuthal (2005) – who were crowned with martyrdom while in active ministry and also honoured 21 senior men and women Religious who have been serving the people of Bihar through their ministries.  

Certificates of merit were also awarded to the children who scored top ranking in Catechism examination of their respective class.

The Archbishop presided over the Holy Eucharist with over 35 priests as concelebrants. The Holy Eucharist and the colorful cultural program which followed were held in the Notre Dame Academy auditorium. The two-day Pastoral Council concluded with a fellow-ship meal prepared and served at the Ravi Bharati campus.

Bihar AICUF Women Commission Cam
Patna Youth commission organized a four days of Bihar AICUF Women Commission Camp for the College going girls  on the theme “Women a mere word or more” from 26-29th  June 2015 at youth center chakkaram. College girls from Patna Women's College, St. Xavier College, Barh and other parishes of Patna as well as from Muzaffarpur and Purnea dioceses took part in the camp. There were 80 participants.

Rev. Fr. Prem Prakash the Vicar General offered the inaugural Mass and also was the chief guest for the inaugural ceremony. Frs. Kuldeep, Satya and Fr. Deepak S.J also were present for the programme. Patna Women' college girls performed the welcome song while Barh girls put up the prayer dance. Different topic like social analysis on women, women empowerment, women and their rights, women and media, women and health were taken by the expert resource persons.

Fr. Jose Vadassery S.J the provincial was the chief guest for the concluding programme. He distributed the certificates to all the participants.

Basauni welcomes the Sisters of the Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of Aloysius Gonzaga

 Basauni Parish welcomed the Sisters of St. Aloysius de Gonzague from Puducherry. Two Gonza Sisters arrived Patna on 20th June to work in the Vineyard of Lord at Basauni, and two more will join the community at the end of this month. On 21st June, Rev. Fr. Prem Prakash the Vicar General of Patna Archdiocese accompanied them along with Sr.  L.C. Maria, the former Superior General of the Congregation, and Fr. Christuraj. Rev. Fr. Jose Chirackal had made all the arrangements for the Sisters. They were welcomed by the people of Basauni with traditional dance and custom. The Sisters were led in a process on the Feast of St. Aloysius Gonzaga for the Eucharistic Celebration. Rev. Fr. Prem presided over the Eucharistic Celebration. Fr. Christuraj gave message based on the Gospel. Frs. Augustine and Kuldeep were present. Congratulation to Fr. Jose for making all the necessary arrangement for their stay and welcoming the Sisters. We wish the Sister a fruitful ministry and render our prayers and support

Rev. Fr. Prem Prakash, the Vicar General

Faithful thanking the Lord for providing the Sisters

Fr. Jose welcomes the Sisters during the Eucharistic Celebration

You are welcome

Ready to serve the Lord and His people

Father's Day at Patliputra
Father’s Day celebrated at Sacred Heart Church, at Patliputra on 21.06.2015. Krusveer Dal boys and girls prepared the liturgy and presented a small program on the occasion of Father’s Day. Rev. Fr.. Devasia Chirayil was the main celebrant. Fathers were welcomed with tika. Mr. Raymond Osta (the reporter for our Blog) expressed the sentiments of gratitude from all Dads. Fr. Devasia Chirayil presented a small gift on this occasion for remembrance. Congratulation to Fr. Devasia for being real FATHER, Mr. Raymond Osta, Prakash Cherubim and Tarun Tobias for arranging the programme. Thanks to Mr. Raymond for the report. 

Archbishop William in Rome
Archbishop William D'souza, S.J, has been touring since 18th May. He visited his relatives in Dubai and Bahrain. He landed Rome on 25th May. Fr. Gyan Prakash received the Archbishop at Fumicino Airport in Rome. Fr. Gyan has made all the arrangements for the Archbishop. He has been accompanying him. Archbishop had a privilege to meet and offer the Holy Mass with the Holy Father. The Holy Father blessed the Archbishop and the Archdiocese. Archbishop met the Director of Gruppo India. He had visited Cardinal Filoni. Have a glimpse of his visit.
Presenting our heritage

Cardinal Filoni

With Director of Gruppo India

Mother's Day
On the 10th May, Sunday International Mother's Day was celebrated at Sacred Heart Church, Patliputra. Fr. Jose Mattathilani was the main celebrant and Fr. Devasia Chirayail, the Parish Priest and Fr. Binoy joined the Eucharistic Celebration. Mothers offered their sacrifice to the Lord asking God to bless them.The children prayed for their mother and wished, and gave a rose as token of their love. We are all proud of our MOTHERS.Reported by Mr Raymond Osta

Hanrnaut Church Blessing
On 1st May, 2015 the historical event took place in the history of Nalanda with the blessing and dedication of newly erected St. Joseph’s Church at Harnaut. The blessing and dedication ceremony was presided over by Archbishop William D’ Souza,S.J in the presence of Bishop Kurian of Bhagalpur Diocese, Bishop Sebastian of Buxar Diocese and Bishop Cajetan of Muzaffarpur Diocese. 42 priests con-celebrated with the Archbishop. During the ceremony Archbishop declared Harnaut Mission as the full fledged Parish and Fr. Jose Edavazhy, as the first Parish Priest of Harnaut Parish. There was also blessing of the newly built Boys’ Hostel in the same campus by the Archbishop together with other three Bishops. Thanks to Fr. Josef Renner, and his friends in Germany who sponsored the construction. Congratulations and big thanks to Fr. Jose Edavazhy and his Team.    


Rajauli Mission
On 2nd May, Archbishop William D'souza, S.J., along with Fathers from Nawada and Roh laid foundation for the new school building at Rajauli. The good work has begun with the help of local authorities and the people. Congratulations to Fr. Anup Pius the Principal of St. Joseph's High School, Nawada, and Fr. Martin Anand, the Parish Priest of Nawada.

BIHAR Regional Bishops' Council and Secretaries Meet
On 29th April, the President of BIHAR Regional Bishops' Council Most rev. William D'souza S.J., called for the meeting of the Bishops of the Region and the Secretaries of different commissions.It took place at the Archbishop's House. The meeting was organised to revitalize the commissions and to get know the functions of the secretaries.

Meeting of Senior Priests and Sisters
Archbishop organized a meeting and sharing of senior priests and sisters of 70 years old and above. It was a day of sharing and of a celebration.

Jamalpur Catholic Community celebrated SESQUICENTENNIAL JUBILEE of St. Joseph's Church, Jamalpur on Sunday 26 april, 2015 at 10:30AM and Cultural Evening at 5:30PM followed by fellowship Meal.Archbishop William D'souza, S.J was the Main Celebrant.Rev. Frs. Thomas Cheruvally and Joseph Mattathilani were Con- celebrant. Arround 700 hundred People participate in the Jubilee Celebration. In the Evening special cultural programme were arranged in which the chief guest was Mr. Animesh Sinha (CWM) Chief Works Manager Jamalpur Railway Workshop. Congratulation Fr.Nandu and his Team

Blessing of Presbytery of at Barriarpur
On 25th April, evening Archbishop William D'souza, S.J, blessed the newly built Presbytery at Bariarpur. We sincerely thank our Benefactors for their contribution. Congrats to Fr. Rakesh Roshan who has done great work. Special thanks to SRA Sisters at Bariarpur for their support.

New Beginning at Sherghati
On 18th April, Archbishop William D’souza laid the foundation for the new mission at Sherghat in the presence of Rev.  Fr. James George, the Principal of Creane Memorial School, and Fr. Andrews Thambi, the Parish Priest of Gaya. The teaching and non-teaching staffs from Creane Memorial School were present for the ceremony. Congratulation to Frs. James George and Andrews Thambi for the initiative.  
Archbishop Welcomes

Asking for God's Blessing

May God bless our efforts

Lord Builds

 Christmas Milan 2014
Christmas Milan at Bankipur
On 27th December, the Archdiocese organized Christmas Milan for all the the priests, brothers and Sisters working in the Archdiocese of Patna. 200 fathers, Sisters, and brothers took part in it. It was fulfilled get-together for everyone.


 Christmas 2014
At Bankipur
Christmas Eucharistic Celebrations were held at renovated Bankipure St. Joseph's Pro-Cathedral. Archbishop William was the main celebrant for Vigil and Christmas Mass.The renovated Church has a beauty of its own.:

 Latest events in the Archdiocese

Archdiocesan Annual Clergy Retreat:
The archdiocesan priests along with the Archbishop William were in Diocesan Pastoral Centre in Godavari, Kathmandu for the Annual Retreat from 16-22 September 2014. There were 33 Priests who attended the retreat. Rev. Fr. Pius Perumana, the Vicar General and the Director of Caritas Nepal preached the retreat. The archdiocesan priests found the retreat as very helpful and spiritually rejuvenating. We express our gratitude to Fr. Pius Perumana for guiding us. Our heartfelt thanks to Fr. Lancy D'souza, the Director of Pastoral Center and the Minor Seminary for delicious food and comfortable accommodation. 
Group Photo

Fr. Pius


Youth Programe at Jehnabad from 12 to 14 th September:
There were 80 youth, who took active part in the programme. Fr. Robert kuamar the parish priest inaugurated the programme. There were session on leadership, personality development, fundamental rights, women empowerment. Fr. Sabu Davis, Mr. Roshan, Mr, Muthi Prakash, Ms. Seema Kumari were the resource persons. Congratulation
For a Photo-Session
Fr. Robert Kumar the Parish Priest lighting the lamp
Our Lady Feast at Barh

Ready for the Procession
Archbishop paying reverence to Mother Mary
Feast day Mass

Nativity of Our Blessed Mother

Everyone is preparing for the great feast of Our Lady on 8th September to celebrate Blessed Mother Birthday. Most of the parishes have been conducting novena with special preaching about Blessed Mother. As we get ready for the Feast a glimpse at St. Joseph's Pro-Cathedral, Bankipur.

Onam Celebrated in Bankipur

Archbishop greets everyone
Kerala Catholic Association celebrated Onam on 7th September at Bankipur. It began with meaningful liturgical Celebration followed by the cultural programme, and the traditional Onam Meal. The Archbishop joined the community for the celebration. He wished all good luck, good health, peace , joy, happiness and prosperity.

At the Traditional Meal
Message of  Peace and Joy

AICUF Meet at Chennai
Different activities at the Archdiocesan Ministry: Pastoral, Youth, and education

Fr. Saby Davis, Youth Director of Patna Archdiocese informs, "AICUF Council was held from 12 to 16th August 2014 at AICUF national secretariat at Chennai. Fr. Sabu Davis the Bihar AICUF state Advisor along with three AICUFers participated in the council and presented the Bihar AICUF state report from June 2013 to June 2014. 

AICUFers from  Bihar with the Regional Adviser
Maner Parivarthen:
Maner parish level Parivartan Youth traing programme was held from August 22 to 24th, 2014. There were 94 participants and all them were girls. They had sessions on women empowerment, Motivation, and Human Rights.

LTS/YCS Trainning Programmes:
Fr. Augustine motivating the students during the sessions

 LTS/YCS orientation programme was held in St. Joseph Girls' High School (English Medium) Bankipore, St. Joseph Girls' High School (Hindi Medium) Bankipore, St. Xavier s High School, Don Bosco Academy, St. Micheal High School, Heartmann Girls High School and  Notre Dame Academy from 2nd to 9th September 2014 by the youth commission. YCS book was released during this orientation programme.
Sr. Lucina CJ, Ms Mary, and Fr. Sabu at releasing the YCS Book

St. Monica' Day at Fatwa

On Sunday, 31st August, 2014, Fatuha celebrated the feast of St. Monica as Mahila Diwas.  Fr. Philip Kattakayam gave an input session and prepared the women for the celebration.The Eucharistic Celebration was arranged by the Members of Mahila Sangh with entrance dance, bible procession, Maha Arathi, and Prasad. More 160 participants took part in the celebration.  The hostel children gave some cultural programme after the Holy Eucharist.  Congratulation to Fr. Thomas George and his team.

Fr. Philip the Main Celebrant of the Eucharistic Celebration

Thanking God with Maha Arathi

Women at the Celebration

Archdiocesan Days 2014
26-18 August
Sewa Kendra, Patna
On 26th August, at Archbishop's House, the Archdiocesan Days 2014 began with a small prayer service conducted by Frs. Irudyaraj, Satya Prakash, and Augustine. We had a community meal in which Fr. Bhagya Raju's Birthday was celebrated and three new priests namely Frs. Augustine, Dinesh, and Jayabalan were welcomed by the Archbishop
On 27 august, the Archdiocesan Days began with the a prayer service conducted by Fr. Nandu, in which the archdiocesan priests paid homage to the Late Archbishop Benedict J. Osta, S.J.
We are grateful to you
Fr. Prem Prakash, the Vicar General, and the Coordinator of the Archdiocesan Days 2014, introduced the Resource person and welcomed the Archbishop and the Priests. 48 priests took part in the ADD 2014.
Thanks to Fr. Amal Raj, the Director of Sewa Kendra and the Staff members fro their warm welcome

St. Monica's Feast at St. Joseph's Pro-Cathedral, Bankipur 
On 24th August, the Mahila Sangh celebrated the Feast of St. Monica

On 23rd August, they had a day of prayer and recollection. Fr. Irudyaraj guided them.During the Solemn Sunday Celebration, on 24th August, the members of Mahila Sangh were welcomed. The main celebrant Rev. Fr.  Prem Prakash, the Vicar General of the Archdiocese along with Fr. Jerome Dung Dung, the Parish Priest of St. Joseph's Pro-Cathedral were welcomed. Fr. Prem spoke to the faithful about St. Monica and her role in the life of St. Augustine. He invited all to imitate St. Monica.

At the end of the Eucharistic Celebration, the women got the present. All parishioners joined for a cup of tea and cake. The e-communication department congratulates and appreciates the good work of the Parish Priest and his collaborators. A few pictures below
Main Celebrant and the Parish Priest

A Praying Community

Faithful listening to the Word of God

Thanking God

Singing for the Lord

 68th Independence Day 
  Archbishop William D'Souza, S.J. at St. Mary's Academy, Raja Bazar 

Archbishop with Fr. Jose, the Principal

Hoisting the National Flag
Paying Respect

Addressing the future leaders

Appreciating the talents of the children

Children in Tri-color

A future leader with the Archbishop and Fr. Jose, the Principal

Hindi Regional Bishops' Meeting at Atmadarshan Patna
11-13 August, 2014

Patna – The Conference of the Catholic Bishops from Hindi speaking areas has decided to improve and set up better communication network among various Church publishers and other communication media in the region.

“We have several publications and magazines in the region. Often, there is hardly and communication or sharing to know what each group is doing,” pointed out archbishop William D’Souza of Patna, chairman of the Hindi Region Bishops Conference held at AtmaDarshan in Patna from August 11-13.

“There should not be duplication in translation of much needed books and documents. Each of our publications should have idea of what others are doing,” pointed out Archbishop D’Souza at the conference attended by three dozen bishops including five archbishops and Cardinal TelesphoreToppo of Ranchi.

The conference entrusted the Allahabad-based Hindi SahityaSamiti to take steps to bring the various church publications and editors under one forum for better coordination of church’s communication efforts.

Bishop RaphyManjaly of Allahabad, president of the Hindi Sahitya Samiti, and chairman of the Committee for the translation of the Missal into Hindi, informed that the first draft of the translation would be presented to the conference within a year.

Bishop Chacko Thottumarickal of Indore explained to the conference the impact of Radio Veritas run by Satprakashan Kendra in Indore and the financial constraints faced by it.

The Conference also discussed how to improve and strengthen the CBCI mandated Hindi fortnightly ‘BulandPrajatantra’ published from Delhi.

'KandhamalIsai: Isa keSachheAnuyayi'- Hindi translation of 'Early Christians of 21st Century', was released at the conference by Archbishop Abraham Viruthukulangara of Nagpur along with Archbishop William D’Souza and Archbishop Albert D’souza of Agra, CBCI secretary general, in the presence of journalist author AntoAkkara.

The popular English book on the incredible witness of Kandhamal Christians has been translated into Hindi by Reena Charles, a teacher at the Rosary Senior Secondary School, who leads the weekly Kripa Satsang at the Sacred Heart Cathedral premises in Delhi.

“We are happy to release the Hindi translation of the book that was released last year by Cardinal Fernando Filoni, prefect of the Sacred Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples, at CCBI silver jubilee in Vailankanni,” Archbishop D’Souza said..

Introducing the translation, the author Akkara said that Kandhamal Christians have carved out the finest witness in 2,000 years of Christianity in India.

“This book contains amazing witnesses of Kandhamal Christians who sacrificed everything. Dozens even laid down their lives when they were asked to forsake their faith. They are true disciples of Christ as defined in Mathew 16:24,” Akkara said.


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